Teyvat Kids Zine

An upcoming unofficial Genshin Impact zine focusing on the adventures and desventures of the children of Teyvat!

Apps closed!

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be updated as we get more questions

What is this project about?
This zine is a fanbook of Genshin Impact characters as kids, feauring a lot of the characters we've seen in the game.
Will only the kids appear or will we see other characters as kids (ie. Hu Tao, Ningguang...)?
We aim to include all types of characters as kids in this zine! Not only the current kids.
Will this zine feature writing or only art?
The zine will feature writing too!
How many people will you accept?
We still don't know a definite number but we'll know after the interest check finishes.
Will this a for profit or for charity project?
This will be determined by the results of the interest check.
Will you be opening mod apps?
Yes! Mod apps will open on November.
Is there an age limit to apply?
You should be at least 13 because a lot of communication will be made through Discord and that's their TOS.
Can I apply for more than one role?
Yes! feel free to do so.
For writers, can we turn in a snippet from longer works?
Yes! If there’s something you need to note about it, then you can leave a note in the last question of the application or DM us on Twitter.
What do I do if I want to change something in my application?
You can contact us via Twitter or email to let us know what you want changed or you can submit another application - just indicate this to us in the final question on your application!
Are ships allowed?
Since this is a children-centric zine, we will only be focusing on platonic relationships among characters.
Will this zine be only fluff, angst, or both?
Both are welcomed to be pitched, but we want to focus on the positive side of character’s backstories mostly. E.g., Kaeya finding a new family in Mondstadt.
Does my portfolio need to contain Genshin Impact pieces?
Genshin Impact pieces are not mandatory, you can submit your work from other series or your personal work.

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Nov 4Interest check opens
Nov 8Mod apps open
Nov 25Mod apps close
Nov 26Mod app results
Dec 4Interest check closes
Dec 15Contributor apps open
Jan 31Contributor apps close
Feb 7Contributor emails sent
Feb 10Creation period starts
Mar 7First check in
Apr 7Second check in
May 7Final check in
May 27Preorders open
After JulyBegin production

*This dates are subject to change, some dates are still missing due to the current status of the zine

Mod Team

❅ Mireia Morante
She/her || Head mod - graphics mod - art mod - SocMed mod
Hello! I'm Mire, I'm a children illustrator and I love genshin and zines, so I thought, why don't I mix it together? And that's how this zine came to be (:
I love the kids and putting together a zine about them is very special to me!

❅ Cate
She/they || Layout mod
Hello I'm Cate and I'm always tired. I just think that Kaeya deserves to be happy always...

❅ Chuyenn
She/her || Merch mod
Kids are round, like olives ੧| ⊗ ▾ ⊗ |୨

❅ Xae
She/they || Writer mod
Xae’s the name and struggling writer’s the game! Really excited for this zine because I adore the kids in Teyvat, as well as the potential familial bonds that are forged between them and their caregivers!! also,
I just really, really love Klee

❅ Em
She/her || Shipping mod
I do stuff when I’m not procrastinating doing stuff.

❅ Marina
She/her|| Finance and production mod
Hi everyone! I'm super excited to work with you all on this project! I started playing Genshin on Zhongli's first banner, and I've been trapped ever since.